October 15, 2012

Black Hole - Land of Mystery (1985) (Reissue 2010)

Country : Italy
Genre : Traditional Doom Metal
Mp3@320 (CD-RIP + scans)

Reissue (2nd edition)
- The inlay states:
"The Original Master tapes of "Land of Mistery" went lost years ago (a logical consequence of such album title ?)
The music you hear on this CD is coming from a vinyl and it sounds like a vinyl for the good and the bad. We refused to "contaminate" the raw original sound with technology. "Doom" is the music of caverns, not intented for fashion parties !! We bet John Peel would be proud of it"

*Bonus tracks

1. Demoniac City
2. Land Of Mystery
3. All My Evil
4. Bells Of Death
5. Blind Men And Occult Forces
6. Spectral World
7. Obscurity In The Ethereal House
8. Angel of Lucifer*
9. Crying Puppets*